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Sell Your Autographs, Rare Books and Photographs


No material is released until full payment (cash or valid check) has been remitted and cleared. Credit or debit cards may be accepted as a client courtesy; payment by credit or debit card, however, will not give you additional or greater rights or remedies than cash payment. If a credit or debit card payment is dishonored for any reason, you must complete the purchase either by cash or valid check. The Guarantee and Returns policies and procedures below shall apply to credit or debit card use to the exclusion of all other remedies, including those offered by card issuers.

Shipping, handling and insurance are billed additionally for all orders. Sales tax is added to all orders originating within California.

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Profiles in History’s Guarantee of Authenticity is provided in lieu of any other guarantee or warranty, express, implied or by operation of law. Notwithstanding authenticity, all material purchased is AS IS, WHERE IS, with no warranty of fitness for intended use or of merchantability. Profiles in History’s Guarantee is not transferable or assignable, and shall apply only if the original purchaser first sends the material to Profiles in History for evaluation. The Guarantee shall be VOID if title to the material changed after the purchase or if the material is not in the same condition as it was when delivered by Profiles in History to the original purchaser.


Due to the one-of-a-kind nature of the materials, Profiles in History only guarantees or warrants the authenticity of the material, and Profiles in History will not accept returns of any material and will not issue refunds, credits or exchanges except if such material has been determined by Profiles in History to not be authentic. Exceptions to this policy, such as, “on approval” sales are at Profiles in History’s sole discretion, and must be arranged at the time the order is placed and confirmed in writing by us.



There’s something special about holding a prop or costume that was used by your favorite actor or actress in one of their best films. Those who have discovered the fascinating world of Hollywood memorabilia know that screen-used and production artifacts are a wonderful way to appreciate the nuances of a film.  Some of the world’s greatest artisans and craftsmen have been employed by Hollywood for film and television productions. In addition to the mentioned costumes and hand props, a collector can obtain a myriad of other items including set pieces, original concept paintings and sketches that went into the design of a particular costume or character, storyboard art, matte paintings, stop-motion and animatronic puppets, poster artwork and scripts, just to name a few.  A tremendous amount of work goes into making a film or television show and these three-dimensional pieces provide a wonderful glimpse of the magic behind the movies. You will be overwhelmed at the creativity and craftsmanship that goes into even the smallest components of a major Hollywood production.


Who may own important historical autographs & documents?

Many people believe that original letters and documents signed by George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, Benjamin Franklin, John Hancock and Albert Einstein, to name just a few, can only be found in museums and university libraries. One of the most enticing and alluring aspects of this field is to hold in one’s hands a letter that played a pivotal role in the development of a country, the course of people’s freedom, or the accomplishment of a dramatic scientific endeavor. Anyone can own these pieces of history. And, because historical autographs exist in almost every conceivable field, there are items to capture the imagination of any collector.

Why collect historical autographs?

Every collector will tell you there is but one reason that outweighs all others for collecting historical autographs of famous people. It is the pride of ownership, the connection to an historical event or person that can be felt by holding a piece of paper that was written by someone who affected the course of history.

Can I afford to become a collector?

Yes! Autographs are available in all price ranges from a few hundred dollars and up. Many factors go into the valuation of an historical autograph, leading to a wide range of prices. For the serious collector, a commitment to finding meaningful as well as historically important items requires the ability to purchase quality items that are in the four and five-figure price ranges.

What autographs can I own?

The most popular autographs are those generated by Presidents with Lincoln, Washington, Jefferson and John F. Kennedy heading the list. Leading scientists, composers, sports figures, Hollywood legends, writers and military figures are all collected. These are all part of the variety of historical autographs available to collectors.

How do I get started?

Collecting is simple: Buy them because you love them. Find where your passion is. Then allow experts to help you locate authentic original autographs that stir your interest. Profiles in History is unparalleled in its expertise and experience in helping you make a wise and informed decision. You can take best advantage of our services by developing a sense of what you are interested in and the range of prices for such items. With this information in hand, our experienced staff can lead you into this exciting and satisfying area of collecting.

How do I know the autographs are authentic?

The world of collecting is full of pitfalls — forgeries, unscrupulous dealers, misinformation. Profiles in History is recognized as one of the world leaders in identifying and verifying handwriting, specializing in the American Presidents. Profiles in History offers a lifetime guarantee of authenticity, for a full refund of the original purchase price.

What makes an autograph valuable or collectible?

A personality who has left an indelible mark on history or society will continue to attract the attention of humankind. A document or letter penned in the hand of this personality carries an intrinsic mystique forever tied to the individual which is desired by collectors.  What makes this form of collecting so exciting and dynamic is its extreme broad appeal. There are highly-regarded individuals from literally all walks of life, thus, there are virtually limitless avenues to pursue.

What should I begin my collection with?

The areas that receive the most attention are politics, arts and entertainment, literature, science and exploration. Whatever your passion and whatever your price range, buy the best autograph possible.

What determines the value of historical autographs?

There are many factors influencing an autograph’s value: the overall appeal of the individual, the context of the autograph, the insight the autograph provides into the author — these are just a few. Content, rarity, condition are also things to consider. Profiles in History is skilled at evaluating the importance and value of the wide range of historical autographs on the market.

What about liquidity and affordability?

There is a strong demand for top quality historical autographs. Auction houses are posting record prices for quality materials. At the same time, many experts consider historical autographs to be significantly undervalued when compared to other areas of collecting. With the wide range of items available, covering the gamut of prices, now is the time to enter the field.

How do I store or take care of my autographs?

A work of art requires the appropriate setting to be appreciated. The historical autographs in your collection are objects d’art that must be protected. Light, temperature, humidity, acidity, and pests can adversely affect your document and reduce its value and your enjoyment. Profiles in History offers an archival framing service that ensures prized pieces are both beautifully displayed and pristinely maintained.

Click on one of the catalog links above to view a small sampling of our vast inventory of autographed letters, photographs, and documents. And remember, if you don’t see what you’re looking for, contact either Joe Maddalena or Brian Chanes at (800) 942-8856 and ask what we have available on the specific personality you’re looking for. We also maintain a “Want Card” system and are always pleased to inform you of our new material that meets your collecting interests. Thank you and enjoy!

Sell Your Autographs, Rare Books and Photographs

Profiles in History actively purchases top quality material in all fields.  If you own a small number of items, or a complete collection that you wish to sell, we would like the opportunity to make you an offer (and can submit immediate payment).

Please call us directly at (310) 859-7701, or email us at acquisitions@profilesinhistory.com with a list of items you’d like to sell.