Sale Date: Friday, December 11, 2015 - 11:00 AM PST

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We are very proud to present imagery from one of the great American artists, Frank Frazetta, through the collection of Frazetta’s closest personal friend of over 40 years, as well as connoisseur, historian, and champion of the master’s work, DocDave Winiewicz.

Dave himself is a legend in the world of art collectors and unparalleled in his knowledge of the history and legacy of Frank Frazetta. We are grateful and privileged that DocDave chose Profiles in History to showcase these amazing art pieces from his unrivaled collection. DocDave not only offers the collector a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to own an actual piece from the collection he painstakingly amassed over decades of his relationship, admiration and study of Frazetta, but in these pages he has curated a definitive narrative of Frazetta’s evolution as an artist – and a man.

Here you’ll experience not only familiar images that have become iconic over time, but you’ll also gain insight into methods, processes and inspirations that fed the imagination and accomplishment of the great Frank Frazetta. In addition to beautiful, fully realized watercolors, oils, and pen and ink masterpieces, you’ll marvel at sketches, concepts and experiments that contributed to the monumental talents and world famous style of Frazetta. Taken in total, these works truly showcase Frazetta’s creativity in its purest and most expert form. There is something for everyone in this sale. From coveted pieces related to Conan, Flash Gordon, Tarzan and other indelible characters, that through Frazetta’s work have become ingrained in the collective consciousness, to personal correspondence, signed ephemera, artist’s tools and even some rare commercial collectibles within reach of every level of collector who’s ever dreamt of owning a piece of Frank Frazetta’s work.

As you turn these pages, DocDave will take you on a colorful and insightful tour of his collection including some of the most essential creations that blossomed from the mind, pen and brush of the great Frank Frazetta. In fact, some pieces would have been lost to the ages if not for Dave’s tenacity and foresight in preserving them.