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Welcome to the Morris Everett, Jr. Collection. Throughout history, it has been widely accepted that collections of any sort which are built with a singular vision and purpose are the only ones to withstand the true test of time. The Morris Everett, Jr. Collection of historic, vintage movie posters, lobby cards and other ephemera, is exactly that kind of collection – assembled methodically by one man, with one vision—to archive the best and most representative images from virtually every English-language lm ever made, in addition to most every great foreign classic, spanning over 100 years of cinema history. Over 196,000 pieces of vintage, artistic promotional artwork are represented covering over 44,000 unique lm titles. Approaching this from a price perspective, this incredible collection can be acquired at an average cost of approximately $35 per item! Without question, this is the world’s greatest and most comprehensive privately-held movie poster and lobby card collection in existence. Proles in History is both honored and privileged to bring this once-in-a-lifetime collection to the market and help it nd the right individual or institution who will appreciate and understand its true and unique value.