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 1480. TIE Fighter Pilot Helmet from Star Wars. (TCF, 1977) A vintage original 13 x 11.5 x 20.25 in. TIE fighter pilot helmet from George Lucas’sci-fi classic StarWars:A New Hope.ImperialTIE fighter pilots wore their standard-issue helmets during the film’s various dog fights,against the Millennium Falcon after its escape from the Death Star, and in the final battle above the Death Star surface. Designed by John Mollo, with inspiration from the concept art of Ralph McQuarrie, the helmet is a composite of the Imperial Stormtrooper helmet and the Rebel pilot helmet, of which far fewer were made compared to their Stormtrooper counterparts.Two of the TIE pilot helmets were repurposed for use by AT-AT crews in The Empire Strikes Back, with the remaining helmets subsequently re-used for the production of Return of the Jedi. It is made of black vacuum formed ABS plastic sections for the faceplate, dome and communicator ear pieces, with a single grey vacuum formed lens installed within to fill the eye recesses. Instead of the face plate ‘tusks’ used on the Stormtroopers, 2-holes are present for the insertion of plastic tubing – used to connect the helmet to the chest pack – while two holes are present in the forehead for the addition of detailing in the recesses of the crown. Black and silver Imperial ‘cog’ decals are applied on the crown of the helmet. Rubber trim is present at the helmet’s neck opening, with a foam block for comfort within.The helmet is labeled ‘28 DC’ internally. Well-used, this rare piece displays some wear from production use and subsequent handling over the past 40 years.The helmet remains in very good condition. $200,000 - $300,000
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