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 202. Ben-Hur sword and sheath. (MGM, 1959) Vintage original cast metal sword with gold painted hilt measuring 35.5 x 5.75 x 1.6 in. with black wooden sheath embellished with brass colored metal measuring 25.5 x 1 in. Exhibiting age and production wear with some rubbing to painted surfaces. In vintage very good condition. $200 - $300
  203. Ben-Hur miniature screen used ships figures. (MGM, 1959)Vintage original (4) highly detailed cast foam rubber soldier figures with internal posable metal armature extending from feet for placement, 1-figure with metal shield. All measuring approx. 13 x 4 in., figure with shield is approx. 5 in. wide. Exhibiting production wear, age, expected deterioration to foam components, gassing, cracking, areas of stabilization, and some missing foam hands and feet. In vintage fair to good condition. $400 - $600
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