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  224. Battlestar Galactica (14) prop cubits. (ABC, 1978-1979) Collection of (14) vintage original 1 x 1.5 in. cubit props used in the original hit television series.The cast gold metal prop currency was custom made for use on the production, each rectangular piece bearing Galactica and Colonial insignias on the face and verso. Cubits were the primary unit of currency used on the series, and were most often seen during sequences where characters such as “Starbuck” (Dirk Benedict) and other principle cast members would meet or gamble in the Viper Pilot lounge area and play Poker or the futuristic game “Pyramid”. Exhibiting production wear and handling. In vintage very good to fine condition. $400 - $600
225. FX bent prop revolver from The Incredible Hulk signed by Lou Ferrigno. (CBS, 1977-1981) Vintage original prop bent gun constructed of cast hard rubber over supporting armature and expertly finished and painted to appear as an iron hand gun with wooden grip. Signed by Lou Ferrigno on the left grip. Exhibiting age and production wear. In vintage good to very good condition. Acquired directly from Lou Ferrigno. $600 - $800

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