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   226. Lou Ferrigno “The Hulk” screen worn costume from The Incredible Hulk from Season 1: Episode “The Beast Within” mounted on custom Hulk display. (CBS, 1977-1981) The costume consists of the “Hulk’s” (Ferrigno) “post-transformation” signature brown distressed polyester pants with torn khaki zoo employee shirt (remnants of zoo patch is present on left chest).Worn by “Mr. Universe” of the 1970s Lou Ferrigno in the 4th Episode of Season 1of the series when “David Banner” (Bill Bixby) takes a job at the zoo where he is introduced to a female scientist conducting research that may help gain a better understanding of his “condition”. The screen worn costume is presented on a one-of-a- kind muscular life-size fiberglass mannequin with custom head, cast from a mold created from an original Lou Ferrigno life mask with original Hulk production facial prosthetics applied. With eyebrows made with actual production crepe wool. Costume was acquired directly from Lou Ferrigno. $8,000 - $12,000
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