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   240. Demon prosthetic mask from Buffy the Vampire Slayer. (WB, 1997-2003) Original prosthetic full mask constructed of cast foam latex rubber expertly studio painted and finished with painted white eyes and rubber teeth applied for display.The mask is slit up the back for East application and removal from actor’s head. Measuring 12 x 13 x 11 in. The mask is accompanied by a crew call sheet for the Episode: “Inca Mummy Girl” and 4-8 x 10 in. production photos of 1-Sarah Michelle Geller, 1-David Boreanaz, 1-group shot of the lead cast and 1-shot of Gellar with Anthony Stewart Head. Mask is brittle, but stable. In good condition. $500 - $700
241. Ted Raimi “Sebastian” period ensemble from Legend of the Seeker. (ABC, 2008- 2010) Original (4) piece ensemble including (1) lightweight crème with tan pinstripes long sleeve pullover shirt with short standing collar trimmed in gray and black geometric pattern piping also on sleeve cuffs with added orange and gold accents, lace front closure, and retaining internal bias label handwritten,“Sebastian Ted Rami [sic]”, (1) collarless jerkin constructed of tan velveteen with screen printed silver floral pattern, faux leather piping and accent panels front and back, front tails, cropped back with corset style lacing, lined in maroon embroidered champagne silk, with crème braid knot toggle front closure, retaining internal bias label handwritten, “Ep 104 Sebastian Ted Raimi”, (1) pair roughspun linen trousers with elastic stirrups and button front closure, retaining internal bias label handwritten, “Sebastian Ep 211”, and (1) pair knee high brown suede lace-up boots. Exhibiting production wear. In very good to fine condition. Accompanied by COA from the Legend of the Seeker costume designer. $100 - $200

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