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   242. Ellen Barkin “Mitzi Roth” designer Jacket from Season 3, Episode 18:“Send Out the Clowns” for Modern Family. (TCF, 2009-2020) Original Alaïa brand stretch knit black with muted dark brown freeform spots cropped jacket with short standing collar and scalloped edges, with zipper front closure. Exhibiting minor production wear. In very good condition.Accompanied by COA from 20th Century Fox. $100 - $200
  243. Miniature British phone booth from The Avengers.(Warner Bros., 1998) Original cast resin phone booth miniature with colorless acetate inserts for windows, realistic interior shelving, posters and overhead “light”, wired for electric (untested), and measuring approx. 9.75 x 3.25 x 3.25 in. Due to internal studio issues, the original version of the film was ultimately cut from 115-minutes, down to 89, sacrificing a great deal of continuity and coherence. Likely, this piece was used in one of the cut sequences, and is not visible in the surviving cut. Exhibiting production wear and flaking paint. In good condition. $300 - $500

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