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  248. Frank Darabont personalized crew jacket from The Young Indiana Jones Chronicles. (ABC, 1992-93) Original letterman style crew jacket with black wool front and back featuring embroidered,“Frank” on left chest and multicolor “The Young Indiana Jones Chronicles” across back, leather sleeves and pocket trim on 2-diagonal hip slash pockets, knit collar, hem and cuffs, with interior lined in gusseted black satin. In fine condition. $200 - $300
 249. Frank Darabont personal signed clapperboard from The Mist. (Dimension, 1994) Original Ivey Slates brand clapperboard with hinged wooden clap sticks featuring classic black-and-white pattern and small round magents, lower with unique printed background with movie title and graphic, Director: Frank Darabont, Camera: Rohn Schmidt, Date:, A Roll, Scene, and Take, with a thick colorless plexiglass overlay, upon which is written, “King Rules / Frank Darabont” in permanent black ink. Measures approx. 11 x 9.5 in. Exhibiting only minor production wear. In fine condition. $1,000 - $1,500

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