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  258. John Brown’s Body (2) antebellum exterior set design concept paintings by John DeCuir. (ca. 1960s) Vintage original (2) concept sketches accomplished in gouache on 37.5 x 16 in. artists leafs tipped to 30 x 40 in. backing boards. Both retaining the original SPB stickers from the 1971 20th Century Fox Studio auction. Exhibiting production wear, age and soiling to backing boards. In vintage very good condition. Provenance: 20th Century Fox “Fox II” public auction. Lot 643. Nov. 15-21, 1971.This lot is from the estate of Dwight Richard Odle (1941-2018). $300 - $500
259. Academy Players Directory engraved Zippo lighter with AMPAS logo. (ca. 1960s) Vintage original Zippo brand silver metal lighter engraved, “Academy Players Directory, AMPAS” and the image of an Oscar statue on one side.The Academy Players Directory was established and published beginning in 1937 and continued to 2006.The lighter measures 2.5 x 1.25 x .25 in. and exhibits age, handling and fine scratches. In vintage very good condition. $200 - $300
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