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  260. Original model kit box artwork by Howard W. Arnold for the Natchez Mississippi River paddle boat by Pyro Plastics. (ca.1960s)Vintage original painting accomplished in oil on 34.75 x 23.5 in. artists paper tipped to board, signed lower left, “Howard W. Arnold”. Exhibiting wear and age, soft corners, minor surface loss of top paint layer on 2-figures. In vintage very good condition. $400 - $600
261. George Macready “General Kuster” ensemble from The Great Race. (Warner Bros., 1965) Vintage original (4) piece ensemble including (1) black wool coat with short standing maroon wool collar and wide cuffs embellished with gold bullion trim, 1-rigid right shoulder epaulet, braided gold bullion cording looped around left arm, attaches to golden button front closure, interior lined in black silk, (1) matching pair trousers with maroon wool and gold bullion panels down legs, attached suspenders, and button front closure, (1) black leather belt embellished with wide metallic gold ribbon trim, and (1) silver whistle clipped to long looped rope. Both jacket and pants retain internal Warner Bros. bias label handwritten, “George Macready” in blue ink. Exhibiting age and production wear, minor moth damage, rigid elastic in suspenders. In vintage very good condition. $300 - $500

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