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    Jeff Burton “Dodge”
286. George E. Turner (2) concept artworks from The Shape of Things to Come. (FVI, 1979) Vintage original (2) production concepts accomplished in graphite, watercolor and gouache on 18 x 15.75 in. artists boards, (1) signed twice, lower right in image, and lower left in blank border, “G. Turner”, with handwritten, “The Shape of Things to Come Omus’ Citadel on Delta III 5 Mi. Diameter Painting by George Turner” in pencil, and (1) signed lower right, “G. Turner ‘79” with hand painted, “Lunar Launch Control on Exterior Perimeter New Washington” in blank border. Exhibiting minor production wear. In fine condition. $400 - $600
 Robert Gunner “Landon”
 287. Jeff Burton “Dodge” and Robert Gunner “Landon” (2) pairs of ANSA astronaut pants from Planet of the Apes with original ANSA American Flag patch. (TCF, 1968)Vintage original (2) pairs of bespoke polyblend silver satin pants with matte side out, shiny interior, 2-diagonal hip zipper pockets and 2-lower leg cargo pockets, with buttons on interior waistband and zipper front closure. Retaining internal Western Costume bias labels, 1-typed “Bob Gunner”, and 1-typed “Jeff Burton”. Including 1-loose satin American flag patch. Exhibiting production wear, soiling, “Dodge” pants with production made repairs to rear area. In vintage very good condition. $2,000 - $3,000
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