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   300. Sean Connery “Raisuli” hero sword from TheWind and the Lion from the collection of writer/director John Milius. (MGM, 1975) Vintage original period sword designed by writer/director John Milius, who based the design on a combination of a Russian Cossack sabre and a Japanese Samurai sword. Crafted by a swordsmith in Madrid, the blade is fashioned of gray steel, and it features a two-handed hilt with simple crossguard. The blade swells into a diamond shape and is slightly curved at the tip with a reverse cut, engraved on both sides with Berber script, and hidden within a small section is stylized text in English reading, “John Milius The original one and only Raisuli Sword” On the opposite blade the script continues, “The Wind and the Lion Espaïn 1974”.The hilt and pommel match the blade decoration with an intricate relief design. The sword is meticulously constructed to appear aged and worn, with original leather strap, and intricate matching 34 in. brass and vinyl scabbard. A signature weapon, highly visible. Exhibiting age and production wear. Measures 44 in. (blade is 33 in. long). In very good condition. Provenance: From the collection of writer/director John Milius and comes with a signed letter of provenance. $10,000 - $12,000
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