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  301. Craig R. Baxley “Madrid Biker #1” screen used jersey from Rollerball. (United Artists, 1975) Vintage original Rollerball team Madrid long sleeve jersey of green and white cotton with white ring collar and white sleeves with green elastic cuffs.The futuristic sports tunic features a hypermodern number “1” in white fabric appliqued to the chest and the back. Retaining the internal Palme brand maker’s label. Highly visible in the Madrid vs. Houston match worn by stuntman Craig R. Baxley as “Madrid Biker #1” in Madrid’s first goal preceding his being sent off the track for a foul. Exhibiting age, production wear and minor fading. In vintage very good condition. $800 - $1,200
302. The Enforcer First Draft script with working title: "Dirty Harry #3". (Warner Bros., 1976) Vintage original studio bound and bradded 122- page Changes/First Draft script dated April 30, 1976 on the title page, written by Dean Riesner. Exhibiting minor production wear and handling. In vintage very good condition. $200 - $300

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