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   312. Joann Daley original promotional artwork for a Carroll O’Connor holiday special. (ca. 1980s) Vintage original poster artwork accomplished in gouache on 20 x 30 in. artists board and featuring striking likenesses of O’Connor, Bob Newhart,Ted Danson, Shelly Long, Jaleel White, Shirley Booth, and Leonard Nimoy. Exhibiting minor age and handling. In vintage fine condition. $400 - $600
313. Flash Gordon “Hawkman” palace guard sword. (Universal, 1980) Vintage original sword prop constructed of cast resin metallized silver blade, grip and pommel, resin hilt, with leather strips affixed to grip, and expertly studio painted to appear as forged distressed metal. Measures 39 x 7 in. Exhibiting age, production wear and handling, with some chipping to paint on blade and resin hilt. In vintage good condition. $300 - $500
  314. Joann Daley promotional artwork for Fast Times at Ridgemont High. (Universal, 1982) Vintage original poster artwork accomplished in gouache and airbrush inks on 30 x 20 in. artists board.With one half being a cement wall and the other, a grafitti-defaced school locker. Exhibiting age and handling. In vintage very good to fine condition. $1,000 - $1,500
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