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        332.Val Kilmer “Batman” Panther and Sonar suit pieces from Batman Forever. (Warner Bros., 1995) Original (11) piece ensemble including (2) foam latex panther cowls with thin canvas attachments at front for securing to included (2) matching panther torsos with varying differences in construction of neoprene panels (one marked “VK Driving”, the other marked “Val”), (1) pair mesh upper overalls marked “Alex Daniels Harness” with integral foam latex panther legs, (1) voluminous textured black rubber cape, (1) black cast resin and rubber utility belt, and (3) cast resin black and gold bat chest logos with Velcro backing. Including (1) foam rubber sonar suit torso marked “V.K.”, and 8-miscellaneous components. Exhibiting age and production wear with some expected deterioration to foam latex components. In good to very good condition. $4,000 - $6,000
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