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  338. Johnny Depp “Edward Scissorhands” paper doll laurel from Edward Scissorhands. (TCF, 1990) Original red paper garland composed of four cutout characters.When viewed in one direction characters appear as rabbits and when flipped opposite they appear as foxes. Measuring 35 x 12 in. One of the cutouts “Edward” (Depp) creates using his unique scissor hands. Exhibiting only minor production wear. In very good to fine condition. $600 - $800
339. The Crow: City of Angels concept artwork and storyboards. (Miramax, 1996) Original bound collection of (35)+ 14 x 8.5 in. pages of high quality color photocopied concept and storyboard artwork, signed in white on cover, “C. Breen” attributed to artist Charles William Breen. Exhibiting minor production wear and handling. In very good to fine condition. $200 - $300

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