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  361. 1955 Disneyland park original overview blueprint. (Disneyland, 1955) Vintage original blueprint featuring an overview of Disneyland park and surrounding grounds. Including printed specs, legends, scale and other markings. Measuring 38 x 30 in.The paper is fragile and brittle with heavy paper loss and substantial damage to the right quarter of the blueprint affecting some of the text and printed fields. The central schematic image of the park is unaffected by the damage. In fair condition. $200 - $300
360. Original screen used hand-painted Dumbo poster display from 1941. (Universal, 1979) Vintage original poster display prop painting accomplished in gouache on 33 x 50 in. artists hardboard panel. Exhibiting production wear, soiling, soft corners, and screw holes from mounting. In vintage very good condition. $300 - $500

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