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   383. Jurassic Park III gas can prop.(Universal,2001) Original olive drab metal military gas can measuring approx. 13.75 x 5.25 x 10.75 in. Highly visible on the riverboat scene after they escape the pterodactyls. Exhibiting intentional studio distress and production wear. In very good condition. Accompanied by COA from Premiere Props. $300 - $500
384. Nicolas Cage “Behmen” period ensemble from Season of The Witch.(Relativity media, 2001) Original (5) piece studio distressed ensemble including (1) long-sleeved natural fiber loose woven long under-tunic with open single tie front, (1) patchwork long-sleeved tunic robe with slits on sides and laced v-neck, (1) multicolor knobby wool rough spun raggedy open front coat with 3⁄4 length sleeves and gray green burlap interior, (1) pair tan lined burlap pants with stirrups and leather tie flap front, and (1) beige gauze scarf. Exhibiting intentional studio distress, soiling and production wear. In very good condition. $400 - $600
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