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    389. Alien vs. Predator full size figure display with screen used armor elements. (TCF, 2004) Original dramatic life-size creature display including screen used costume and character elements. This spectacular display was custom created by the Alien vs. Predator production FX team at Amalgamated Dynamics after the wrap of the movie, and occupied a place of pride in the entryway of their facility. The “Alien” and “Predator” figures are constructed of fiberglass, pulled directly from the original production molds, and custom posed upon a metal base allowing the figures to remain freestanding. Screen used “Predator” elements include: a gun with working laser sight, back spear, vest armor pieces with gun pack, trophy necklace, body net, shuriken, gauntlet blades (not gauntlet), mask (not including lens), belt, belt buckle and pouches, leather undergarment (not including resin breach flaps), dagger handle (not including sheath), toe claws (not including armor base they are set in).The spectacular museum quality display represents the finest example of movie magic and creature FX and measures 108 in. long x 95 in. tall x 62 in. wide. Exhibiting only minor wear. In very fine condition. $20,000 - $30,000
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