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   415. Eiko Ishioka-designed “Apollo” ensemble from The Immortals. (Relativity Media, 2011) Original (13) piece ensemble by Academy Award winning designer Eiko Ishioka consisting of a leather, fabric and cast poly resin and vacuum form plastic armor costume including (1) golden breastplate with sculpted musculature and scalloped waist with integral golden and burgundy satin cape attached to the shoulders and a lace-up closure on the side waist, handwritten on the interior chest,“Apollo stunt Chris McGuire”, (1) loin cover with snap closure and red flap at the front waist embroidered with golden thread in a spiral design, retaining internal bias label handwritten, “Apollo”, (1) golden loin cloth with elastic waistband and ribbon tie, (2) wide golden belts with velcro closures and midsections of spandex, retaining interior label handwritten, “Zeus”, (1) fringed faux leather golden waistband, handwritten on the interior, “Theseus”, (1) golden belt with a bas relief shell design, handwritten on the interior, “Apollo Stunt”, (2) golden greaves with lace-up ties, each handwritten on the interior, “#19 Stunt C. McGuire”, (2) golden bracers handwritten on the interior,“Apollo stunt”, and (2) golden Roman-style lace-up sandals, handwritten on the interior,“Simon Northwood”.This is an amalgam of costume pieces from various actors including Henry Cavill, Corey Sevier and stuntmen Simon Northwood and Christopher McGuire, it has been expertly assembled to complete an Apollo costume. Exhibiting some age and production wear, some cast pieces are minimally warped. In good to very good condition. $600 - $800
  416. The Thing life-size study maquette of human/alien arm creature. (Universal, 2011) Original maquette character study constructed of gray oil-based modeling clay on armature. Representing a hybrid of a human arm warped by the DNA of an alien shape-shifter to create an otherworldly, gnarled creature limb. The modeling clay remains static, but can become malleable with heat.The maquette measures 27 x 9 x 16 in. Mounted on a pair of 9 in. Steel pipes affixed to a wooden base of 32 x15 x 1 in.In very good condition. $400 - $600
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