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         422. Ultra-heavy “Thor” Mjölnir hammer used by all the Avengers in the “worthy test” sequence in Avengers: Age of Ultron. (Marvel, 2015) “Only he who is worthy can lift the hammer,” Thor’s father, Odin, told him. During a memorable sequence in the film, the Avengers attempted to lift Thor’s iconic Mjölnir hammer, one-by-one. Only Steve Rogers (Captain America) managed to make it budge, much to Thor’s concern. It was later in Avengers: Endgame when Captain America shocked audiences by summoning Mjölnir during a fight with Thanos, thereby proving that he is worthy. This is the prop hammer specifically built for and used in this sequence.The FX department started with a hero hammer crafted of cast resin over a weighted core and insert- ed a 1-inch diameter steel pipe measuring 38 in. at the top of the hammer where it was fitted in a modified table at the bar where the test took place.The hammer appeared to rest diagonally on the table, yet was securely anchored so each actor could exert force, yet it would remain stationary. The signature square-headed war hammer is detailed to resemble forged metal, entwined with Nordic de- sign and Runes, and stout handle wrapped in brown leather with leather wrist lanyard. Head measures 9 in. long x 5.5 in. wide; overall length is 19.75 in. with handle. Weighs 13.23 pounds. A fantastic artifact from the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Exhibits minor scuffing from production use. $20,000 - $30,000

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