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     425. Demi Moore “Anne” ensemble from LOL.(Lionsgate, 2012) Original (3) piece ensemble including (1) black knit silk sweater with plunging v-neck featuring black web strap and dolman sleeves, (1) black spaghetti strap tank top, and (1) pair olive drab denim jeans. Exhibiting minor production wear. In fine condition. $400 - $600
426. Michael Fassbender “David” Steatite Ampule vial from Prometheus.(TCF, 2012) Original static tapered vial prop constructed of transparent cast resin with textured surface, algae green tint, and filled with thin black liquid. Measures approx. 12 x 2.5 in. Highly visible when “David” (Fassbender) is investigating the relic inside the ship’s lab. The “black goo” or “black liquid”, is an extremely potent and virulent mutagenic pathogen, composed of millions of microorganisms, manufactured by the “Engineers” as a biological weapon, and is the source of everything Xenomorph. Exhibiting production wear and remnants of adhesive. In very good condition. $1,500 - $2,500

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