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  430. Art Deco Kryptonian building maquette with “House of El” insignia from unattributed Superman production. (ca. 2013) Original production made hollow filming miniature constructed of cast resin, foam and pewter color metal leaf components, with signature “S” logo design extending into flying figure above front door. Measuring approx. 16.75 x 14.5 x 10 in. Exhibiting production wear, some missing metal panels, damage to figurine at top – arms missing. In good condition. $300 - $500
431. Isle of Dogs (6) promotional action figures and other ephemera. (TCF Animation, 2018) Original collection of promotional materials including (5) action figures of dogs “Duke”, “Rex”, “Boss”, “King” and “Chief” and (1) Atari, (1) screener of the movie, (1) bento box and napkin set in dog print fabric bag, (1) “Pro Dog” headband, (1) canvas tote bag and (1) hardbound 255-page making of Isle of Dogs book.All items in original packaging. In very good to fine condition. $200 - $300

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