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  442. Joann Daley original VHS cover artwork for early Kevin Costner film Shadows Run Black. (Mesa Film, 1984) Vintage original painting accomplished in various media on 23.5 x 35.25 in. artists board. Exhibiting minor production wear. In vintage fine condition. $400 - $600
443. Joann Daley poster artwork for Fandango. (Warner Bros., 1985) Vintage original poster art accomplished in hand painted and airbrushed acrylics on 26 x 40 in. artists board taped at the edges to a backing foam core board. Signed by the artist, “Joanne 84” in the right lower third of the art. Depicting the principle cast on a precarious cliff. Retaining the original artists protective mylar cover sheet. Exhibiting minor age and handling. In fine condition. $600 - $800

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