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   444. Kevin Costner ”Mariner” ensemble from Waterworld. (Universal, 1995) Original (9) piece dystopian oceanic signature ensemble including (1) fabric “fish skin”hooded vest with crude stitching,scant fringe and lace up front closure, (1) pair of leather and brown spandex pants with lace up front closure, rough leather panels and stitchery,and 2-included brown web belts with metal grommets and buckles, (1) pair of barnacled and weathered sunglasses, (1) pair leather and metal frame appraisal goggles with plastic magnifying orb, (2) studio distressed woven wrist bands with integral corroded watches and long trailing woven straps, (1) pair “fish skin” wristlets with metal snap closure, (1) embroidered mesh neck scarf, (1) beaded necklace with resin “computer chip” pendant, and including accessories loose shell ornaments and assorted bits of trim. All pieces are expertly studio distressed and weathered to perfection. In production used fine condition. $1,000 - $1,500
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