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   459. Mars Attacks! production bible, including (4) scripts, miscellaneous ephemera and storyboards.(Warner Bros., 1996) Original (1) production notebook containing 200+pages of production requirements, color storyboards, 1-6th revised draft script dated 2-20-96, crew list, 100+pages of special effects lists and storyboards, and beeper list. Also included are (3) studio bound and bradded earlier draft scripts dated 7-20-95, 8-14-95, 11-12-95 and (1) studio bound 74-page set of “unapproved” storyboards dated 8-15-95. Exhibiting minor production wear. In fine condition. $300 - $500
 460. “Rodger Young” forced-perspective filming miniature from Starship Troopers. (TriStar, 1997) Original filming model miniature constructed of cast resin components expertly assembled and painted in military khaki with antiquing for detail.The intricate miniature was used in forced perspective FX shots in the Sci-fi film. Measuring 6 x 3 x 1.25 in. displayed on a stand and suspended above the black 8 x 3 in. wooden base by 2-posts. Exhibiting age and production wear. In fine condition. $500 - $700
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