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  468. Barry Sonnenfeld (2) 8mm and 16mm film cameras, light meter “Prince of Optics” sign and Panavision commemorative viewfinder. (1950s-1980s) Vintage original movie cameras and items including (1) Bell & Howell Filmo 141-B 16mm movie camera with spring drive, multiple speeds, lens and leather handle, (1) DeJur Embassy 8mm movie camera with 1-lens, (1) General Electric type DW-68 exposure meter in original box with instructions, (1) Panavision viewfinder engraved with his movie titles, (1) Barry Sonnenfeld embroidered director’s chair pouch and (1) green 16 x 4 in. plastic sign printed,“Barry Sonnenfeld, Prince of Optics” signed by Mr. Sonnenfeld. Cameras untested but believed to be in working order. From the collection of Barry Sonnenfeld. $1,000 - $1,500
469. Barry Sonnenfeld personal collectibles including a vintage “Fonzie” Henry Winkler signed lunchbox. (1970s-2000s) Vintage and contemporary collectibles from Barry Sonnenfeld’s movies and general pop culture including N2 Toys The Tick talking “Tick”, signed by Mr. Sonnenfeld, (1) Mattel“Lex Luthor”(Gene Hackman) action figure from Superman,(1) DC Comics“Platinum”statues,(1) Throw Momma From theTrain wristwatch and (1) “The Fonz” from Happy Days vintage metal lunchbox signed in blue ink, “Henry Winkler”. All but the Tick box in fine condition. From the collection of Barry Sonnenfeld. $300 - $500

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