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       470. Barry Sonnenfeld’s (10) The Addams Family and (1) Addams Family Values scripts and concept sketch prints. (1990-1992) Original archive of developing script drafts all dated in tabbed file folders ranging in dates from October 11th, 1990 to September 4th, 1992. Each bradded script averages approx. 120-pages with white paged scripts and multicolor revision paged scripts. A July 20, 1990 2nd Draft script features heavy pencil notation.There is a file marked,“Ideas and Artwork” containing 1-bradded and tabbed “The Addams Family Album” featuring photocopies of Charles Addams’ original Addams Family cartoons as inspiration for settings and 1-binder of 10+ black and white and color prints of lavish set and set-piece
concepts. A fantastic archive highlighting the genesis of the beloved movie franchise. All signed by Barry Sonnenfeld. Exhibiting age and production wear. In very good condition. From the collection of Barry Sonnenfeld. $600 - $800
471. The Addams Family Shooting Script signed by director Barry Sonnenfeld. (Paramount, 1991) Original studio bound and bradded, 170+ multicolor revision page Shooting Script.Written by Larry Wilson and Caroline Thompson with Rewrite credited to Paul Rudnick. Dated “November 6, 1990” on the cover page.With revisions dating from 11/12/90 to 4/08/91. Featuring light hand annotation, circled passages and even some diagram sketches by Sonnenfeld throughout. Signed by the director in purple ink on the cover page. Exhibiting production wear and handling. In fine condition. From the collection of Barry Sonnenfeld. $300 - $500
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