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 492. Barry Sonnenfeld massive archive of (400+) Men in Black and MIB II concept art and photos. (Columbia, 1997/2002) Original large archive of (400+) black and white and color prints of concept art, photos, production notes, memos and other developmental and art department materials including incredible images of Alien Research (sketches, magazine, bug reference, etc.), vehicle design, character sketches, scenic design, storyboard images, weaponry, general Sci-fi tech. and a gadgetry, blueprint and schematic materials, makeup photographs, MIB logos, and much, much more. Incredible examples of the finest work from Hollywood’s most creative and skilled artists, craftspeople and filmmakers. Materials range in size from approx. 8 x 10 in. to 14 x 18 in. All in very good to fine condition. From the collection of Barry Sonnenfeld. $300 - $500
493. MIB II clapperboard signed by Barry Sonnenfeld. (Columbia Pictures, 2002) Original clapperboard with clear plexiglass board and printed production information background, retaining dry erase information and signed in blue ink, “Barry Sonnenfeld”, measuring 9.5 x 11 in. Exhibiting production wear. In very good condition. From the collection of Barry Sonnenfeld. $800 - $1,200

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