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  51. Humphrey Bogart rare handwritten signed chess
moves played on set during production of Casablanca.
(1942)Vintage original handwritten personal postcard postmarked,
“April 30, 1942” from Humphrey Bogart sending chess moves to
Mr. Irving Kovner of Brooklyn, NewYork.The 3.25 x 5.5 in. card
is handwritten by Bogart in brown ink and reads, in full: “Dear
Irving, Here’s the next movie 7 B-B Q x B 8 2, Sometimes the
sec. will answer but don’t worry I’m playing. Sincerely Humphrey Bogart”.This remote chess game would have been played during production of Casablanca and the game is attributed to having been played on the actual chessboard highly visible in “Rick’s Café” in the classic film. The card is accompanied by a photocopy of a Bogart letter of 5 Jan., 1942 to Kovner, accepting his invitation to play long distance chess.The card exhibits heavy, even toning, age and handling.With fading and light adhesive remnants from previous display. In vintage very good condition. $2,500 - $3,500
    52. The Ten Commandments blueprints and technical drawings from the Parting of the Red Sea sequence and Egyptian Obelisks. (Paramount, 1956) Vintage original (40+) blueprints and schematics accomplished in pencil on vellum and paper leaves measuring from 21 x 19 in. to 60 x 36 in. A significantly important assemblage of engineering and construction blueprints and plans for the practical pool and machinery for the climactic parting of the Red Sea sequence. Featuring printed Special Effects diagrams and schematics for the mechanical effect, which ultimately swallows up “Rameses” (Yul Brynner) chariots in the most spectacular FX sequences audiences had ever witnessed up to that time. Details include, schematics of valves, floodgates, electrical systems, dump tanks and more. Also includes a few blueprints for design and fabrication of a large Egyptian Obelisk. Some printed duplicate blue lines included. Exhibiting edge damage and flaking not affecting the image, age, production handling and even toning. In vintage very good to fine condition. $400 - $600
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