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 552.JeffersonAirplane Fillmore poster by Bill Graham.
(1966) Vintage original Jefferson Airplane Fillmore concert poster from February 1966 by Bill Graham, called “BG-1” as the first in his series of “Bill Graham Presents” concerts at the Fillmore after the Trips Festival. Second printing is on yellow card stock, without the artist Peter Bailey’s name printed along the bottom. Measuring 15 x 19 in. In fine condition. $2,000 - $3,000
  553.Woodstock concert poster signed by artist Arnold Skolnick. (1969) Vintage original iconic Woodstock concert poster measuring 24 x 36 in., signed at the bottom by the graphic artist who designed the poster, “Arnold Skolnick”. First printing poster from July 1969 by Rapaport Press on stiff paper poster, and featuring the correct White Lake, NY location as well as other first printing points. In unusually fine condition with still vivid colors, a visceral touchstone to the culture, ideals and aesthetic of the 1960s. $2,000 - $3,000

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