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  74.The Brown Derby (1) money clip with boxed set of (2) decks of Brown Derby playing cards. (ca. 1940s) Vintage original (2) decks of playing cards with 1-deck featuring images of the restaurant on the back and City of Hope operations and personnel on the playing side and 1-deck featuring City of Hope on the back side and Hollywood stars caricatures seen at the Vine Street Derby's "Wall of Fame". Cards include original 5 x 4 x .75 in. box. Also includes (1) shield-shaped silver metal money clip embossed with an image of a brown derby and the words "The Restaurant". In vintage very good condition. $200 - $300
  75. The Brown Derby felt hat candy box in miniature hatbox. (ca. 1940s) Vintage original felt bowler-shaped candy box with original cardboard hatbox container.The novelty candy box container features a fitted lid imprinted with photographic images of different Brown Derby restaurant locations.The 7.75 x 6.5 x 3.75 in. miniature felt hat exhibits age and minor soiling and retains its interior cardboard candy holder. The 8 in. oval by 4 in. tall hatbox container exhibits age, wear and with the oval bottom reattached with cellophane tape. These specialty candy boxes were only produced for a couple of years. In overall vintage good condition. $300 - $500
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