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        123. Classic film collection of (13) assorted weapons and accessories from unidentified productions. (ca. 1940s-Present) Vintage and contemporary (13) weapons and accessories including (1) pair Aircrew Aviator sunglasses with red lenses in red case, (1) carved tribal tiki face necklace with antler and claw accents, (1) Native American stone club and (1) Native American Tomahawk with pale buckskin and fur accents, (1) Solomon Islands wooden war club, (1) medieval wood and metal battle axe, (1) wooden handheld partisan, (1) wooden short sword, (1) metal short sword and included rigid sheath, (1) large metal pickaxe with solid wood shaft, (1) black leather gun belt with 3-belt pouches, holster, and static prop gun, and (2) multicolor collapsible slinky bracelets. Largest weapon measuring 25 in. long. Exhibiting varying degrees of age and production wear. In overall vintage to contemporary good to fine condition. $300 - $500
124. Thomas Mann signed letter to Louis B. Mayer of M-G-M Studios. (1941) Vintage original typed letter signed Thomas Mann on 7 x 10.5 in. letterhead stationary printed "Thomas Mann" and Pacific Palisades, Ca. address.Written to M-G-M Studio president of the day Louis B. Mayer and dated October 5, 1941. In the letter, Mann commends Mayer for the Studios’ contracting of 5-refugee writers in order to allow their immigration to the US to escape death during World War II. Mann writes, in part: "It was one of the finest and most meritorious deeds during these turbulent years which destroyed so much life and happiness, a deed which will certainly never be forgotten when the fantastic tale of the emigration of European culture is told, that two great Motion Picture Companies in Hollywood decided to give emergency contracts to a number of Austrian writers..." Mann goes on to ask Mayer to extend the contracts for another year.The rescued writers wereAlfred Doeblin,Alfred Polgar,Hans Lustig,Wilhelm Speyer andWalter Mehring. Mann has signed in black ink at the bottom of the 3rd page. Exhibiting minor age and retaining original transmittal folds. In vintage very good condition. $300 - $500
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