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For this auction only, the consignor represents that the entire content of the Ross Online Productions Before They Were Pros Media Library offered in this auction comes with limited intellectual property rights. The buyer is solely responsible for ascertaining that all video “footage” in the digital library is otherwise cleared for publication including but not limited to satisfying any publicity right that athletes appearing in footage may have under any statute or common law. Neither the consignor nor Profiles in History makes any representation or warranty as to any matters that need to be cleared prior to publication. All publication issues should be referred to the buyer’s own professional advisors. The consignor has entered into licensing agreements with documentary, news, sports broadcast, public affairs and magazine format shows. Clients include, Kobe Bryant’s Muse, Real Sports with Bryant Gumbel, and ESPN’s 30 for 30. All representations or warranties concerning intellectual property rights or rights to publish are solely made by the consignor and not Profiles; the buyer agrees that Profiles will not be liable to buyer in any respect for alleged breach of any such representation or warranty. The content within the digital library being sold in this auction is being sold as is. We encourage all prospective buyers to preview the content of the digital library prior to bidding.
Due to the recent U.S. Supreme Court decision in South Dakota v. Wayfair, Profiles in History may be required under state law to collect sales tax for the winning bidder’s state. In such cases, the winning bidder’s invoice will reflect the sales tax due based on applicable state and local sales tax rates.
Bidders final billing and shipping address must match at the time of registration. Note: Bidders with multiple shipping addresses must contact our offices prior to auction registration. 310-859-7701
Due to the recent U.S. Supreme Court decision in South Dakota v.Wayfair, states are now permitted to require a larger universe of out-of-state vendors to collect and remit sales tax on sales to customers within the state. Consequently, Profiles in History may be required to collect and remit state and local sales tax on certain transactions for the first time.
All bidders acknowledge that their bids are exclusive of sales tax, and that if Profiles in History has a sales tax collection obligation in the bidder’s state, applicable sales tax will be owed by the successful bidder and the invoice issued by Profiles in History to the winning bidder will reflect the applicable sales tax due. Additionally, any bidder claiming a sales tax exemption (e.g., resale exemption, tax exempt entity, etc.) must provide Profiles in History with the applicable, fully-completed, exemption documentation before sales tax will be removed from the invoice.
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