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   It is difficult to place into words the significance of sport in our lives and society at large. Of course, on a personal level, sports help to build the personality and character of a person, while keeping the body physically fit. While most of us lack the genetics and mental stamina to be a top athlete, human nature yearns for the ideal – the person who has, through sweat and perseverance, reached the uppermost echelon of their sport. Through the crucible of competition, these individuals never cease to amaze with their feats of athleticism, which serve as inspiration and entertainment to us all.
The Ross Online Productions Before They Were Pros Media Library contains over 130 hours of digital video “footage” from over 700 athletes during their foundational high school careers, including some of the best-known competitors in all major sports. Including both game footage and interviews, the library includes an astounding 22+ hours of content from basketball legend Kobe Bryant while he played for the Lower Merion Aces in Ardmore, Pennsylvania (a suburb of Philadelphia).This media library is being sold as a single lot with exclusive intellectual property rights, title and interest. Past licensing agreements have been made with documentary, news, sports broadcast, public affairs and magazine format shows. Clients included, Kobe Bryant’s Muse, Real Sports with Bryant Gumbel, and ESPN’s 30 for 30. No one will ever have access to this type of exclusive footage ever again. Making the value of this library even more relevant is the phenomenal recent success of sports documentaries like The Last Dance on ESPN.The potential of this comprehensive library is limitless.
All publication issues should be referred to the buyer’s own professional advisors. We strongly urge all potential bidders arrange to preview additional sample footage from the Before They Were Pros Media Library at our offices in Calabasas, California.
Joe Maddalena and the PIH Team
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