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479. Fox News original 35mm hand-cranked Le Parvo motion picture camera (ca. 1909) Used by one of William Fox’s early newsreel cameramen starting in 1919. This 35mm hand- cranked camera would have already had a 10-year career in the dawn of moviemaking before going on to capture countless signi cant news events of the silent  lm era. It is very rare to  nd a complete silent era camera/tripod package like this,
and rarer still to  nd one with an original “FOX NEWS - MIGHTIEST OF ALL” badge a xed to the camera and case (tying the equipment to a speci c use). Being serial #1229 shows it to be an early production camera and, most likely, the 12th camera made in February, 1909. This 108 year old camera is fully functional and can
still be used to shoot  lm today—a true testament to its build quality as well as the care it has received for over a century. Made by Joseph Debrie in France, this 35mm hand-cranked Le Parvo model camera
is constructed of mahogany, brass and machined aluminum. The camera was built to the strictest standards and tightest tolerances of its time. Truly
a precision work of art, it was the preferred camera for the  rst  lm studios as well as the  rst working news cameramen that could a ord its high price tag. This cameraman’s shooting package is complete. It comes
with original E Krauss Paris Tessar 1.3,5 F50mm Lens Serial #117498, two original aluminum 300’  lm magazines, original hand-crank, bone leather carry handle and original carry case with Fox News logo a xed. The case is in poor but displayable condition.
Newer foam- tted modern cases
are included for safe transport.
Also included is a matching era
vintage pan/tilt camera geared head with
original crank handles, wooden tripod and wooden
tripod spreader. The condition of the camera, head and tripod
is excellent for their age. The camera was fully serviced by 30-year veteran vintage camera technician, Paul Scaglione. All components function including footage counter,  lm speed tachometer, iris control, focus control, view  nders, geared head and tripod. $9,000 - $12,000
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