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480. Paillard-Bolex B8 motion picture camera with original box and manuals. Vintage 9x 5 x 2 in. Paillard- Bolex B8 Motion Picture camera with pistol grip vintage original case and straps and manual. In vintage very good condition. $100 - $200
482. Canon Scoopic 16mm motion picture camera. (1960s) Vintage 13 x 9 x 5 in. 16 mm motion picture camera. Celebrated as the  rst 16 mm movie camera to incorporate a zoom lens. Accompanied by its original anvil-style metal foam- tted case containing 2-batteries, a battery charge, 3 lens  lters, 1- lm spool and the original manual. In vintage very good condition. $300 - $500
483. RCA 44 MGM Studio broadcast ribbon microphone. (ca. 1940s) Vintage RCA 44 Ribbon Microphone from MGM Studios used on countless recording sessions. In vintage very good condition. $3,000 – $5,000
481. One of the  rst Apple II computers - serial # A2S1-0082. First generation Apple II A2S1-0082, one of the  rst 100 case-designed computers built by the newly formed Apple Computer, Inc. and the model widely credited with launching the home computer market, with millions sold well into the 1980s (not to be confused with the Apple II Plus, the next generation Apple). Todd Fisher took delivery of this computer directly from Steve Jobs in Los Altos.This computer faithfully served as an inventory database when Debbie Reynolds digitally archived her collection. It’s been souped-up from the standard 8K all they way to 24K ram, many of the ROM chips have Apple logo stickers copyright 1978, a built-in speaker, cassette interface audio jacks, and video out on the rear panel.The power supply was replaced due to a faulty  rst run under warranty.The case exhibits soiling and slight discoloration (to be expected from so many years of use). Electronics untested.This very early Apple II represents a milestone in computing history that launched uninterrupted Apple brand loyalty from Debbie and her organization. $1,000 - $2,000
484. Sony ProMavica MVC-7000 pioneering Hi-VF format camera with MVR-5300 Still Video Recorder. The Mavica (Magnetic Video Camera) features a single lens re ex system with interchangeable lenses, being a still video camera with storage on 2.0” video  oppy. Still video cameras are seen as the predecessors to the digital camera, possessing image sensors and basic processing software similar to that of a domestic analog camcorder. The MVC-7000 was introduced in 1992 and is accompanied by a Sony MVR-5300 Still Video Recorder of the same vintage.This camera was tested by Sony and placed as one of the  rst electronic cameras with printer at the Debbie Reynolds Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas. It was responsible for taking tens of thousands of photos of Debbie and her fans throughout its service. After the show, the person would go to the gift shop and retrieve their photo. Electronics untested. $500 - $800
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