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485. Neumann U87 condenser microphone.
(ca. 1970s) Vintage Neumann U87 Very early FET Solid State Microphone owned by Lee Michaels and purchased by Debbie in 1975 when she bought his mobile recording truck and microphone collection.Accompanied by the original Neumann case. Serviced By David Brown. In vintage very good condition. $3,000 - $5,000
486. Neumann condenser microphone and power supply. (1960) Vintage Neumann U67 Tube Microphone from MGM Studios, acquitted by Debbie Reynolds during the 1970 MGM Studio auction. Used for many recording sessions at the Studio. Released in 1960 as the replacement to the U 47, the U 67 used a more readily available tube and a brand new capsule, ampli er, and head basket design. The K67 capsule at the heart of the U 67 still stands as the benchmark in microphone design. With refurbished marginal power supply and cable in original Neumann case. Serviced By David Brown. In vintage very good condition. $10,000 - $12,000
487. Magnasync Moviola hydraulic polished aluminum crab dolly (#72886). (ca. 1950s-1960s) This was the work horse of the industry, working on hundreds of  lms at MGM studios. This Dolly has been restored beyond it’s former glory to a museum display piece. It has two wheel drive and 4 wheel crabbing, the camera head mount is Mitchel plate. It is fully functional. Used for display in the Debbie Reynolds Hotel Casino and Movie Museum in Las Vegas. The original Moviola Dolly design was modi ed from a bomb loader that lifted 500lb and 750lb bombs onto planes during WW2 after an air force o cer saw the potential for its use in the  lm industry. The Moviola has been in operation for over six decades and provides a very  exible and simple answer to studio  lming. $12,000 - $15,000
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