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488. American Zoetrope Eclair CM3 camera used to  lm THX 1138 and The Rain People on stationary tripod. (ca. 1950s) Francis Ford Coppola and George Lucas had a  erce need for independence. Early into their relationship they purchased what would become their  rst house professional motion picture camera, this Eclair CM3. It was purchased fromWarner Brothers before the beginning of THX 1138.Warner Brothers had purchased the camera from Stereo-Cine, one of the early 1950s 3D camera systems used by Academy Award winning cinematographer, Karl Struss,ASC.According to Leonard South,ASC, camera operator on John Wayne’s Hondo and the Dean Martin and Jerry Lewis classic Money From Home,the two camera rig was used as an option for their much heavier and di cult shots. It was considered a “lightweight alternative”. This camera is the left portion of the two camera system as noted on the Kinoptic Borescope line up plate that comes with the camera.This camera was used on George Lucas’ THX 1138 and Coppola’s The Rain People, and though uncon rmed, may have been used on American Gra ti as well. The inventory label states American Zoetrope San Francisco suggesting that it was a part of the original company’s inventory. This Eclair Camerette has the more desirable Nikon and Eclair mount turret. It can be converted to full frame or Techniscope with a special kit. This camera was the  rst purchase of two very successful  lmmakers, George Lucas and Francis Ford Coppola. Comes with a letter of provenance from Roy H. Wagner, ASC. $5,000 - $10,000
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