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178. Susann, Jacqueline. Original hand-corrected typed manuscript for Valley of the Dolls. This is the original, unbound 598-page manuscript submitted by Jacqueline Susann to her legendary literary agents Annie Laurie Williams and Maurice Crain (who represented the likes of John Steinbeck, Margaret Mitchell and Harper Lee, to name a few).The novel was rejected by many publishers before finally being picked up by Bernard Geiss, Assoc. and published in 1966. Typed on (8.5 x 11 in.; 216 x 279 mm.) onionskin paper, the pages are heavily annotated with editorial proofing marks and notes in pen and ink.The title page is typed,“Valley of the Dolls by Jacqueline Susann.” Written in pen beneath the author’s name is,“Original, uncorrected first draft ofValley of the Dolls submitted to Annie Laurie Williams and Maurice Crain.”The bottom of the page bears the “Maurice Crain Agency” ink stamp with agency address. Some pages bear folds and edge wear.Top page has minimal fraying. Comes in original (11 x 12 x 3 in.; 279 x 304 x 76 mm.) black marble card- board clamshell box with clasp fastener featuring a printed cover label with the publisher’s “Gallic Rooster” logo stating,“Compliments of Bantam Books and The Author”, with “Original MMS.Valley of the Dolls!” handwritten in ink. Overall, in very good condition.
Original typed manuscript for Jacqueline Susann’s best-selling novel Valley of the Dolls – with extensive hand-correc- tions.
Valley of the Dolls was a hit when released in 1966 and has since sold over 30,000,000 copies. Susann began her early days as an actress of limited success on stage and screen as well as being considered a “party girl” in her private life, before venturing into novel writing. Her own free-thinking behavior and social experience, as well as the people she encountered, are credited with greatly informing and populating her work. Valley of the Dolls lead the way for other authors such as Jackie Collins to write about the behind-the-scenes lives of the real-life rich and famous beneath a veneer of fiction.The popular book was quickly adapted for the silver screen and the film, starring Barbara Parkins, Patty Duke and Sharon Tate, was released in 1967.
$25,000 - $50,000
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