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1770. denzel wasHIngton “fRank lucas” suIt fRom american gangster. (Universal, 2007) Custom made 2-piece black on black pinstripe double-breasted jacket with double hip pockets on the right, left hip pocket and left breast pocket and (1) matching pair of pants. Jacket retaining internal Leonard Logsdale maker’s label handwritten, “Denzel Washington ‘American Gangster’ 02/06” Worn on the exterior steps of a church after attending
1772. collectIon of (5) Helmets fRom sPeed racer. (Warner Bros., 2008) Collection
of (5) screen worn
character helmets
including (1)
“Kawarimoto 33”
black racing helmet
designed to look like
a chalkboard with
notations and worn
by a background
driver at the starting
line of the Casa Cristo 5000, (1)“Maneck’s Novelties #89” racing helmet designed to look like a cowboy hat and worn by a background race car driver seen during the race in Fiji, (1) brown fur helmet with horns and visor worn by “Razorback” (Alister Mazzotti) during “Speed Racer’s” (Emile Hirsch)  rst race at Thunderhead Raceway, (1) Three Roses yellow and blue helmet designed to look like a sunset with 3-painted roses on the front and worn
by a background character seen during Speed Racer’s (Hirsch)  rst race at Thunderhead Raceway and (1) white leather stitched “Mutafed” helmet. All in production used very good condition. Comes with an LOA from the costume house. $400 - $600
a funeral when drug kingpin “Lucas” (Washington) is arrested. In production used very good condition. Comes with an LOA from the costume house.
$1,000 - $1,500
1771. RobeRt downey, jR.“kIRk lazaRus/
sgt. osIRIs” mIlItaRy fatIgues fRom troPic
tHunder. (DreamWorks, 2008) Original signature costume consisting of
(2) piece army fatigues including (1) standard olive drab jacket with 2-cargo chest pockets
and 2-hip  ap pockets, left skull with wings shoulder patch and
retaining internal label handwritten, “Osiris” and (1) pair of matching pants with handwritten,“R.D.J.”
on the interior waistband. Both items are heavily studio distressed with the jacket retaining heavy theatrical blood staining over most of the garment.Accompanied by
a removed embroidered triangle patch. In production used very good
of tHe fallen “tomb of tHe
PRImes” maQuette. (Paramount,
2009) Original 1/16 scale clay study
model expertly sculpted and detailed
using 3-di erent types of clay within
a gypsum plaster jacket. The study is
housed in a 32 x 32 x 19 in. wooden crate, labeled “[Transformers] 2,Art Department, Int. Tomb of Twelve, Box #M24.” Used as a model in building the life size screen version set of the“Tomb of the Primes,”aka“Tomb ofTwelve”,composed of the bodies of the original Primes who sacri ced themselves to hide the “Matrix of Leadership”. Exhibiting production wear and age. In very good condition. $800 - $1,200
condition. $800 - $1,200
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