A Majority Owned By Welles’ Himself, One of the Largest Collections to Ever Be Amassed, Will Be Available to the Public on the Heels of Orson Welles’ Centennial Birthday Accumulated Over 40 Years, a Selection of Private Distinctive Letters, Notes, Scripts, Photographs and Other Theatrical Ephemera from A Private Collector to be Auctioned by Profiles in History on fall 2015


For Immediate Release:

(Los Angeles) —A vintage personal typewritten manuscript first rough draft by Orson Welles and Herman J. Mankiewicz of “American”, which eventually became one of the greatest films in the history of cinema, Citizen Kane, is the highlight of one of the most intimate and rarest collections of Orson Welles memorabilia set to be up for auction at Profiles in History’s Hollywood Memorabilia auction scheduled for fall 2015.

The rough draft, dated April 16, 1940, would have been generated by Mankiewics after Welles’ original first draft, which had been sent directly to him in March of 1940 in Victorville, CA., and was a script of dialogue and camera instructions by Welles himself, written only as a starting point. This is the most complete version known to be in existence for Citizen Kane.


  • Citizen Kane Production and Distribution Contracts and Memos: featuring manila folders containing typed and carbon copy contracts and business correspondence related to the distribution of Citizen Kane to include theater licensing agreements, RKO authorizing Bank of America, theater bookings, license applications and more. Pre-auction estimated:
  • Citizen Kane Collection of (100+) Vintage Set-Continuity Negatives with (80+) Vintage Contact Prints.
  • Citizen Kane Orson Welles’ Personal 62-Page Typed Manuscript Original Treatment With Welles’ Authorship Credit.
  • Citizen Kane Orson Welles’ personal 3rd Revised Final 156-Page Shooting Script with Numerous Hand Notations, Signed by Principal Cast Members Ray Collins, Agnes Moorehead, Everett Sloan, George Coulouris, Paul Stewart, Joseph Cotton and Erskine Sanford.


The auction estimated to fetch over a million dollars, will offer an array of personal items representing a majority of his many other momentous film and stage career events including: The Magnificent Ambersons, Journey Into Fear, the historic War of The Worlds (radio broadcast), Lady of Shanghai, Touch of Evil, The Stranger, Othello, Julius Caesar (1938 stage production), MacBeth and other additional rare items from a variety of famed but unreleased projects.

“This is one of the finest institutional collections of Orson Welles personal memorabilia to be offered to date,” said Joseph Maddalena, President and CEO of Profiles in History. “Many of the vintage original typed manuscripts, letters, and documents are in immaculate condition while Welles’ personal written notes uncover a side of himself not publicly seen before, as a young prodigy, offering a new historical interpretation, substantial new insight into the actual script progression and development of the multi-award winning Citizen Kane film.”

Comprised for over 40 years by Welles’ personal friend, author, publisher and director Keith Burns, this Orson Welles Collection features a selection of never before seen items, many bearing personal notes and remarks from Welles himself revealing his innermost thoughts as an emerging actor and writer as he began, what would eventually become, a most historical entertainment career launched by one of the greatest American films of all-time to hit the screen. In 1942, both Welles and Mankiewicz were awarded with an Oscar for Best Writing and Original Screenplay for the film.