The Dress Kate Winslet Wore When
She Was Talked Down Off The Rail
Of The Titanic

Orlando Bloom’s Legolas Bow From
The Lord Of The Rings TrilogyThe Original Gort Helmet From The Day
The Earth Stood Still
All Up For Auction From Profiles In History
At “Drama, Action, Romance-The Hollywood Auction”
December 15 & 16
LOS ANGELES- NOV 19, 2012– Profiles in History, run by Joe Maddalena, is proud to announce that three iconic items, the “Rose DeWitt Bukater” jump dress from Titanic, Orlando Bloom’s “Legolas” Bow from The Lord of the Rings trilogy and the original Gort helmet from The Day the Earth Stood Still all will be apart of “Drama, Action, Romance- The Hollywood Auction” on December 15 & 16.The exquisite signature dress design for Kate Winslet’s “Rose DeWitt Bukater” character in Titanic was done by Deborah L. Scott.  This costume is featured in the memorable scene when Rose and Jack (now considered one of Hollywood’s most legendary screen couples) have their first meeting on the windswept deck of the Titanic.  Jack, played by Leonardo DiCaprio, finds a distraught Rose leaning off a railing and stops her from leaping to her death.  The dress is expected to fetch $200,000- $300,000.

This bow was used by Orlando Bloom as “Legolas” throughout the entire The Lord of the Rings trilogy. Galadriel (Cate Blanchett) presented Legolas with this beautiful “Lothlorien” bow at the gifting ceremony seen in the extended cut of The Fellowship of the Ring

and was then used by Legolas as his weapon of choice for the rest of the epic The Lord of the Rings trilogy. The bow is 6 feet long and is expected to fetch $80,000 – $120,000.


This laser firing, vaporizing helmet is one of the greatest artifacts in science fiction film history. The Day the Earth Stood Still stars Michael Rennie as the humanoid alien visitor, Klaatu, who comes to Earth, accompanied by a powerful eight-foot metal robot (Gort), to issue an ultimatumto humanity. The helmet up for auction was worn by 7 ft., 7 in.-tall actor Lock Martin in the scenes when the robot moved or walked.

The helmet is expected to fetch $100,000 – $150,000.